Thursday, August 27, 2009

USA State Pride - Arizona Attitude!

Proud of your home state? Show your love for Arizona state with cool attitude! Arizona Attitude over a state flag swoosh banner. Great on a cool t-shirt, fun state pride cap or other gift product for any occasion! See all Arizona Attitude products. All 50 USA states are available! We offer t-shirts, hoodies and gift products.

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Peace Love Twilight Hoodie

Peace Love Twilight represents Edward and Bella's forever love. Whether your a Edward Cullen vampire fan or a Jacob Black wolf fan, this Twilight design makes a perfect gift tee shirt, hoodie or other product for any twilighter! View all our Peace Love Twilight products.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Jacob Black Shield

Twilight and New Moon fans who love werewolf Jacob Black will love this Team Jacob design. Black vines, a black and red shield with a full moon, howling wolf silhouette, and Team Jacob on it.

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Max Bet Casino T-Shirt

For gamblers who enjoy the slots! If your name is Max Bet, the rewards can be astounding! Great tee shirt gear for your next Las Vegas visit! More t-shirt styles and colors are available. More gambling designs are also available.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Werewolf First Halloween T-Shirt

Werewolf Baby Shirt shirt
Werewolf Baby Shirt by StargazerDesigns

The newest addition to the family is going through some changes. A little baby werewolf who howls at the full moon, but at least there's a pacifier with a bone on it to keep the howling down. A cute little creepy design for your little monster! Perfect tee shirt for baby's 1st Halloween costume!
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Jacob Black Wolf Tattoo Hoodie

Inspired by Jacob Black, werewolf in the Twilight books and movie, a wolf silhouette howls inside of a full moon with white feathered angel wings and a scroll banner with a red and black grunge Jacob. Perfect for your favorite shape shifter fan! See all our Jacob Black Wolf Tattoo t-shirts and products.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lemurs Rock T-Shirt

Lemurs rock! A ring tailed lemur rocks out with an electric guitar. Rock 'n roll and a prehensile tail! If you're a lemur fan, a guitarist, bassist, or all of the above, this rockin' lemur t-shirt is for you! Great for back to school wear! More shirt styles and colors are available.

Twilight Girl Winged Heart Tattoo T-Shirt

Here's a winged heart tattoo style design for that special Twilight girl who loves Edward, Bella, Jacob, Jasper, and all the Cullen vampires. Dazzle her with a t-shirt or gift product that sparkles!

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Perfect gift tee for girls who dazzle, and who love Edward, Jacob, Jasper and all the Cullens. A true Twilighter Cullen vampire fan! Blue Twilight sparkles on a large blue Twilight heart.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Senior Class of 2010 Rocks T-Shirt

Class 2010 Rocks Shirt shirt
Show the world the class of 2010 rocks on a t-shirt or gift product. This guitar over flowers and green flourishes with a grunge mixture make this a design perfect for the cool senior graduate.

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